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Connie’s happy helper has been making jam since childhood. Her first attempt, aged 11, was with a friend as they camped out in her back garden one night in the long, hot summer holidays. (Summers past were always longer and hotter – or so it seems once you start work). The hammocks, made of hessian grain sacks slung between trees, weren’t the most comfortable, so distraction was required – no XBoxes or PlayStations in those days…

A fire was started, raspberries gathered from the garden along with a saucepan, sugar and bread from the kitchen. There were no scales for weighing, no HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Plan) for reference should something go wrong.

The result, after much prodding, poking, stirring and, of course giggling (a prerequisite of being a girl aged 11), a delicious, sweet, gloopy liquid that tasted divine on the dipped bread. That night started a lifelong love affair with homemade preserves and pickles culminating, many years later in the Tealady.

Our delicious jams, jellies, marmalades and chutneys are, where possible, made from locally sourced ingredients, cooked traditionally in small batches the heart of Breckland, creating a unique range of products which we’re sure you will enjoy.

Seasonality may mean you may buy something today, but the next time you see us it’s unavailable until the next growing season. That said, where fruit and vegetables suit freezing, we do that – so through those cold winter months we are able to enjoy fruit like the wonderful tomatoes grown by Daniel at Anema’s, Dereham; blueberries from Fairgreen Farms at Middleton, together with elderberries, crab apples and blackberries handpicked from local hedges far away from people and traffic. We’re also grateful to the growing army of informal suppliers for bulging bags of fresh produce from their orchards, gardens and allotments.

Nuts, gluten and other allergens can be found in our kitchen, but we understand they’re not suitable for everyone. We take great care when cooking up deliciousness in our kitchen to ensure that all our jars are made, filled and stored according to the high, consumer-focused standards set by the Food Standards Agency and enforced through Breckland Council. If something is not as you would expect it to be, please tell us. What you think of our jars is important to us.

We are always keen to promote our products so if you’d like us to visit an event you’re organising or to stock our delicious jars please do contact us.

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